Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Sani Nanono, has said that there is no hunger in Nigeria as widely claimed, adding that food is fairly cheap to buy in the country.

Nanono, who spoke on Monday at a briefing to mark the 2019 World Food Day in Abuja, said Nigeria had attained self-sufficiency and would feed its neighbours with ease.

He said, “I think we are producing enough to feed ourselves. I think there is no hunger in Nigeria; there could be inconveniences.

“When people talk about hunger in this government, I just laugh.

“In this country, it is fairly cheap to buy food.

“That’s the basis for the closure of the border and I think Nigeria tried to make these neighbouring countries understand our predicament but to no avail.

“So long as these countries bordering us will not respect Nigerian stand on food importation, the borders will remain closed.”


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