Celebrated music producer and founder of Marvin Records, Michael Ajereh widely known as Don Jazzy, has said that he usually feels ashamed as a Nigerian each time he travels to a foreign country and sees the level of development and sanity in those places.

Taking to his Twitter handle on Tuesday, the 36-year-old musician said that despite being rich, it was difficult for him to live a good life in Nigeria.

He said, “That’s the thing about us in Nigeria. Is it too much faith I will call it? Or we are just too… I don’t know the word to use.

“You will have money and just be seeing people suffering and your money won’t interest you to spend. Our standard of living in Naija is sad. It’s not fair.

“No matter the amount of money you have, you will still ball mediocre balling in Nigeria.

“Yeah, I am in Berlin (Germany) and I normally feel this way whenever I leave the country (Nigeria).

“No matter the country I go to, small or big, I just feel ashamed for us.”

On October 7, 2019, Oxfam International said that no fewer than 94.4 million people in Nigeria live below extreme poverty – more than the combined population of Gambia and Cape Verde.

The organisation added that at the current rate, Nigeria is not only off-track to meet the Sustainable Development Goals but that up to 25 per cent of the world’s extreme poor will live in the country by 2030.

This is on top of the collapse of critical infrastructure like roads and electricity amidst a deepening culture of corruption across the country.

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