Moses Oyeleke, a pastor with the Living Faith Church Worldwide, known as Winners’ Chapel, has regained freedom seven months after he was kidnapped by the Boko Haram insurgents.

Oyeleke is a pastor in Maiduguri, Borno state, where he was kidnapped, alongside a National Youth Corps (NYSC) member last March.

The two were released after interventions by the state government and two non-governmental organizations, the Kalthum Foundation for Peace, and Initiative for Peace Building.

Speaking on his release, Oyeleke said they were taken to Sambisa after they were kidnapped on Chibok road in March.

“We were on our way to Chibok when they caught us and took us to Yale; from there, they took a detour and finally took us to Sambisa.

“It was the two of us, myself and my brother, who were not released. They have promised us that when they finish discussions, they’ll release them in December; himself and the elder sister of this girl I was released with.

“I am very happy today that we have been rescued because where we are coming from, we have come from a place of darkness to light; that is why my heart is filled with joy because I have seen my family, friends, and associates.

“I stayed peacefully with them for up to seven months. Many times they have requested me to convert to Islam, their preachers had preached to me a lot of times but you know when you have wisdom, you relate with people in a way that would not lead to a quarrel.

“When they came to preach, I paid attention to everything they said and when they asked me questions about things that I knew would cause problems if I had responded, I always told them I didn’t know so that I wouldn’t say things that would offend them.”

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