President Muhammadu Buhari receives Letter of Credence from Bangladesh High Commissioner to Nigeria, Shameem Ahsan in Abuja


The Bangladesh High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Shameen Ahsan, has announced plans by the country and Nigeria to sign an agreement in the area of agriculture.

Ahsan, who spoke at a Nigeria- Bangladesh business forum in Lagos, said there was the need to create a better link to foster commercial activities between the two countries.

According to him, “It is very important to interact with members of the civil society to further create a better understanding between the two countries and dispel misconceptions, while I try to make the country familiar in front of the Nigerian audience.

“We are currently working on signing an agreement on cooperation, in the field of agriculture and that would provide key platform to share best practices between the two countries.”

Also speaking, President of Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr Babatunde Ruwase, disclosed that both nations had expressed mutual interest to expand bilateral relations overtime.

He said, “The Bangladesh Tariff Commission in 2014 prepared a feasibility study for the benefits of signing preferential trade agreement with African states and recommended that Nigeria along with Mali was the most promising countries for signing such agreements.

“We therefore urge Bangladeshi businessmen to invest in agriculture, ICT, food processing, garment production and industrial sectors of the economy.”

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