Tajudeen Ibrahim


Tajudeen Ibrahim, father of the slain bank employee, Nofisat, who was killed by gunmen in Akure, Ondo State, on August 28, 2019, has again cried out for justice over the incident. 

The deceased was in charge of Point of Sale ordering in the financial institution when she was gruesomely killed. 

Recall that the police said it begun an investigation into the murder case which led to the arrest of three suspects. 

But according to father of the victim, suspects fingered in the killing of his daughter have been moving around freely without being investigated. 

The bereaved father, who spoke with SaharaReporters, said the homicide section of the Ondo State Police Command handling the murder case has been playing 'games' with the suspects. 

He stated that despite attempts to unravel those, who killed his daughter, the police had been perverting all means of getting justice on the case.

He said, "All the statements we made at the Fanibi Police Station were all transferred to the SCID in Akure for more investigation. 

"At the time, the homicide section of the police called all those that made statements at the Fanibi Station, they refused to invite me.

"After a month, I drove down to the station myself and I asked these officers why they had not called me but they told me that event had overtaken it. 

"They said they were making progress over the case and we should give them more time to do their investigations.

"Few weeks after, they told me that they were rounding off their investigations and would need to invite Adetutu's fiancé (Deji).

"I asked them why and they said it was part of their investigation. 

"Deji had to visit the station to clear himself but on getting there, he was locked up and the police called me to be available by the following day when they will be interrogating him.

"By the time I got to the station, they took him away to his house and searched the entire place while I awaited them for almost three hours at the station. 

"After questioning him several times, nothing was found. 

"This is the fourth month yet there is still no clue to the murder of my daughter. 

"I am still wondering why has the police had refused to invite me for interrogation since I made a statement concerning the killing of my daughter at Fanibi Police Station.

"I want the police to tell the whole world the outcome of their investigation and the one they did with my daughter's fiancé. 

"I want justice to be done on this matter." 

Femi Joseph, spokesperson for the Ondo State Police Command, could not be reached when contacted on the telephone for comments. 


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