The Lagos State House of Assembly has said it would not stop the payment of the jumbo pension and other benefits enjoyed by former governors and deputy governors in the state.

Following a suit filed by SERAP, the Federal High Court in Ikoyi Lagos directed that the Attorney-General of the Federation,  Abubakar Malami, review the pension laws of various states.

The House of Assembly in Zamfara had recently repealed the state’s pension law in response to the court’s ruling. 

However, Tunde Braimoh, Chairman of the House Committee on Information and Strategy in Lagos, told the News Agency of Nigeria that it would not repeal the law as it does not contravene any federal law. 

He said the state assembly was empowered to make laws for the state.

He said, “The Supreme Court had made it clear several times that no arm of government can repeal the constitutional provisions of another arm of government.

“Therefore, legislators make laws that are in tune with the yearnings and dynamics of their society.

“Until another legislature comes to alter, review or amend the law, the law is meant to be obeyed.

“The judiciary cannot pronounce that law by the state is unconstitutional unless such state law is contradictory to the constitution.”

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