The Nigerian Government has told the governments of Togo and the Republic of Benin to pay up their electricity debt.

Chairman of West African Power Pool, Usman Gur Mohammed, said the countries are owing $7m in electricity debt.

Mohammed urged the countries to pay up because electricity was not charity.

He said, “It is not because I am the chairman of the West African Power Pool that I will be allowing international customers to cheat Nigeria.

“When I took over as MD TCN, both Benin and Togo were owing Nigeria more than $100m. The debt now remains $7m.

“Niger is owing less than $2m. In short, we are not leaving them. We disconnect them as we disconnect customers here in Nigeria. 

“Electricity is not a charity. We cannot just allow people to consume electricity and leave us like that.

“As at now, we have restricted their supply to only their contracted ones. We are insisting they pay all outstanding debts before we reconnect them and increase the off-take.”

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