The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi, has said that 91 per cent of residents in Zamfara State, one of Nigeria’s Northern States, are extremely poor. 

The traditional ruler said this while speaking at the 108th edition of Islamic Vacation Course in Ogun State.

He called on Muslims to imbibe birth control to reduce the explosion of the population.

He said, “If we continue this way, about 40 per cent extremely poor people will be in Nigeria.

"Poverty in the South-West is 20 per cent, in the North, it is 80 per cent, Lagos is eight per cent and Zamfara, it is 91 per cent.

"We have been talking about almajri for over 30 years. Why are people having family that they cannot maintain? Why are people marrying wives that they cannot maintain? The condition is that you are able to provide for your family.

“Instead of having many children, why not have the ones you can cater for? These are the fundamental questions we should ask ourselves. Most of these children roaming about the streets will be adult in the next 20 years and they will be the ones recruited as political thugs by the politicians if we don’t take good care of them now.

“This is my own advice that we must look at. These are not religious issues, they are social issues that need to be addressed.

“We will not work to divide Nigeria. We should not take arm, don’t be provoked by any utterances. Be law-abiding wherever you are.”

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