A collation of human rights groups across Nigeria has described the social and economic policies of President Muhammadu Buhari as anti-people, adding that it had widened the gap between the rich and poor. 

The group said policies such as deregulation, naira devaluation, privatisation, over-taxation and bank charges were aimed at impoverishing Nigerians.

The coalition disclosed this on Monday in Abuja during a press conference in honour of slain journalist, Alex Ogbu killed by police at a demonstration by members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in Abuja.

The coalition said, “We want to update the whole world over the continued attacks on the people of Nigeria under this regime and the system of greed and power.

“These attacks come in different shades. The first is economic. The second is political, and the third is militaristic. 

“The conditions of Ogbu’s killing and the many evidences shows that he was felled consciously by the police. 

“This is one killing too many as the police had virtually turned protesters to easy targets.”

The civil society vowed not to give up or relent until justice was done.

The groups include Coalition for Revolution, NATA, Nigeria Union of Journalists, Committee for the Defence of Human Right, Democratic Socialist Movement, and Socialist Workers and Youth League.

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