A new report by the World Bank has revealed that 87 per cent of the poor Nigerians are Northerners.

The report by World Bank also revealed that 74 million people are living under the poverty line as four out of 10 persons live below $1.9 daily.

According to the World Bank, the report provides a reasonably detailed analysis of the social protection sector and draws on recent evidence to provide policy options in support of the objectives laid out in the EGRP.

“Poverty in the Northern region of the country has been increasing, especially in the North-West zone.

“Almost half of all poor lived in the North-West and the North accounts for 87 per cent of all poor in the country in 2016,” the report stated.

It has been predicted that by 2030 the share of Nigeria’s population living in extreme poverty will have risen from 42.8 per cent (in 2016) to 45.0 per cent, representing about 120 million people living on less than US$1.90 a day.

The report highlights unemployment, underemployment, and employment in low-productivity jobs as contributors to the persistently high poverty rates.

It added that conflict and climate change, especially in the North-East, had not only contributed to high poverty and vulnerability but also eroded social cohesion.

The report noted that there is a dire need to implement policies and programs that protect the poor and provide foundations for a just, productive, and equitable society.

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