It's the second time I am hearing that the WWE Royal Rumble is actually a reality in Nigeria. The first I could not confirm as it was told by one of the richest Kings from a "marginalized" history today. That the most notable royal pugilist wanted to land the late Ooni of Ife an uppercut during a "peace" meeting. But this one is undeniable and quite evidently!

It is not only Anthony Joshua that is very good at boxing or dangerous wrestling like Israel Adesanya. Common! Oba Oluwo sabi throw blows self!

But why do monarchs throw blows? Why dem dey fight when we all know that these monarchs are almost useless in the socio-political running of society?!

The truth is that capitalism is very cunning. The system of greed and power eroded the powers of all the systems before it, but for those that still carry significant elements of greed and power like itself.

In feudalism, capitalism still cling to the battle for land and housing control. And in the monarchical, it relies on handling ethnicity; culturalism; and local nationalistic brigandage.

So, the fact that monarchs in Nigeria still carry some respect by the system despite the facts that they lack real usefulness to the public shows that Naija capitalism is as sharp as it's British precursor that keep retaining the queendom that British comrade once described as a political museum!

This is quite in spite of some monarchs who see the crowns as a privilege to a people in resistance and for communal development (which has been so rare). The monarchical system is a crunch that capitalism carries on with it in its ruthless rules.

But on a lighter note, many of the critics of Oba Oluwo and his pugilism over his turning Oba Agbaagbaa's royal face to a punching bag reminds one of the fact that royalty carries a heavily damaging history of political "gbas gbos" that makes it a battle of life and death. People battle to become Kings, Obis, and Emirs so as to lead the sharing formulas of whatever crumbs sent down to the localities by the capitalist government. So, these royals care more about power and getting constant contracts through make-believe influences. In Lagos, the royals are richer through the land business. In the Niger Delta, oil! While in the North, they become servants of the oligarchy. They care less about the citizenry than about the royal purses.

So, Oluwo has a reason to be so brutal like Anthony Joshua. Oluwo knows that the Iwo people love Islam and the monarchical emblem. He knows that he has to fight to keep fit for greed and power. It was never Ifa but his mysterious wealth that won him the royal theatre. So, Oluwo has to win the royal rumble!

Finally, this Oluwo's excellent pugilism makes me to respect him more really. Don't laugh please!

Is it not true that only warriors become Kings? Why can't we now cope with just some 1;2;3;4 jabs on the face of a pregnant man roaming around as a fellow king? Why can't we comprehend that Oluwo is a good example to Anthony Joshua by knocking down all opponents even if as big as Andy Ruiz?!

Let’s just pray that Oluwo will not go and present his hard earned belt to Oga Bubu who has faced the canvass in the rings against insecurity; corruption; and economic development severally!

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