Gov. Abdulazizi-Yari of Zamfara State.


We have heard that an idle mind is the devil's workshop but I didn't know the impact of this saying, until one observed the activities of the immediate past governor of Zamfara, Abdul'aziz Abubakar Yari, the worst governor Zamfara State has produced (an insha Allah, the worst the state will ever produce.)

For the eight years, Zamfara State had the misfortune of having him as the governor, he was mostly absent from the state, but lived permanently in Abuja, from where he only visited Zamfara from time to time. Insecurity became the norm, bandits, kidnappers, cattle rustlers, killers and robbers took over. He was absent, incapable, and unwilling to do anything about it, and even gave up. Abdul'aziz Yari is the first governor of a state in history to resign and abdicate his responsibility and role as Chief Security Officer of a state. That was how he abandoned the people to perish.

Sarkin Kano, His Highness Muhammad Sanusi II, confirmed that Yari was warned of an impending outbreak of meningitis, but he did nothing about it. His only response after scores of people was killed as a result of the outbreak was to say that the pandemic was a punishment from God for the people's sin of fornication.

If a holier-than-thou person is talking about disease being as a result of sin, one would naturally expect such a person to be holy. But it was just a few weeks after this irresponsible declaration that EFCC revealed that Yari had stolen $3m of the Paris Club refund belonging to the people of Zamfara State to build a personal hotel in Lagos.

Not done with destroying Zamfara State, he and his deputy took N525m, two days before leaving Government House, Gusau. Not satisfied, he was on the present governor's neck to give him N10 million every month as an 'upkeep allowance'. The refusal to engage in this wickedness of wasting state funds in this way was what resulted in the campaigns of calumny he has been sponsoring, and the nuisance he has been causing everyone.

The idleness of being outside of power for the first time since 1999, and the lack of free access to government money has resulted in his sponsoring false allegations against the governor, unsuccessfully, inciting the public against him and even sponsoring social media campaigns to say how great he was the governor. Unfortunately, this campaign failed to trend and was a spectacular failure, as there was nothing to say about his achievements while in office. Even his party, APC, which he crumbled in the state is tired of him and his nuisance. His impunity and the imposition of candidates at all levels caused the Supreme Court to rule against all APC candidates in the state in the 2019 elections. Nobody is happy with him.

He has been going round blackmailing his successor. His next plan is to take his protest to the US Embassy in Abuja, claiming that the Supreme Court victory secured by Governor Bello Matawalle is not valid and should be rescinded. One fails to understand since when the Supreme Court began taking instructions from the US government. This is what idleness causes.

For months now, people in Zamfara State are beginning to sleep with both eyes closed. Insecurity, kidnapping, killing, cattle rustling, banditry that were the norm are becoming a thing of history. What seemed impossible is now possible. Things are being put to shape in every area and everybody is seeing it. Jealousy would not allow Abdul'aziz Yari to acknowledge this and offer his support, or keep his distance lick his self-inflicted wound somewhere quietly. One is beginning to think this is a new form of madness. It is better for him to seek the cure for this madness elsewhere, other than to keep displaying it in the open all the time, because everything has its own consequences.

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