HEDA Chairman, Olanrewaju Suraju

The Human and Environmental Development Agenda has expressed willingness to partner with Nigerian media in exposing corruption in the country.

This move was disclosed by Chairman of the organisation, Mr Olanrewaju Suraju, who described the media as a strategic partner in the anti-corruption campaign in Nigeria.

Suraju also commended media practitioners for showing concern about the need to bring corruption on its knees in a country where public officials have stolen billions of dollars mostly kept in foreign countries.

Speaking at an event in Lagos, Suraju stated that journalists needed to show greater commitment to the campaign against sleaze in Nigeria as a way of bringing an end to a practice that continues to harm the country's overall development.

He said, "Corruption is like cancer. When allowed to grow, it will end human life and destroy the fabric of human existence.

“Corruption is behind underdevelopment, poverty, poor public health, high mortality and infant mortality rates, violence and extremism. Any country overwhelmed by corruption has no chance of survival.”

He stated that the anti-corruption survey conducted by United Nations Office on Drug and Crime indicated a slight decline in corruption compared with the situation in  2016.

He however, said that corruption continues to affect the character of every Nigerian in the comity of nations.

He added, "We recognise the strategic role of the print and electronic media in the fight against corruption.

“The media continues to be a major pillar in this campaign. 

"HEDA is willing to continue to collaborate with the media to ensure Nigeria regains her reputation as the leading light in Africa against kickback and illicit asset acquisition."

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