George Uboh, the Nigerian whistle-blower charged to court for asking government to investigate $2.5bn that got missing under the supervision of Godwin Emefiele, governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, was on Monday falsely accused of recording court proceedings by the police.

Drama started when police prosecutor, Simon Lough, asked for an adjournment on the grounds that the police’s witness had diarrhoea and fever, which was granted by the court.

Lough had lamented the reporting of the case in the media before suddenly accusing Uboh of using a device to record the court session.  See Also CAUGHT ON TAPE: CBN Gov Emefiele And Top Officials Discuss How To Cover-Up N500bn They Stole  -Part1 Breaking News CAUGHT ON TAPE: How Central Bank Governor Emefiele, Deputy Adamu And Top Officials Discussed How To Cover-Up N500bn Which They Stole From The CBN

Shocked at the accusation, Uboh shouted “I beg your pardon!”, then opened the purported recording device, which turned out to be his eye glass case before going ahead to display it to the judge and everyone in the courtroom to see.

Lough on behalf of the police then apologised to Uboh.

The case has since been adjourned until March 24, 2020 for further hearing. 


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