A man, who travelled from Nigeria to the United States, has tested positive to Coronavirus.

Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington DC, made the announcement while addressing journalists.

According to Bowser, the yet to be named man in his 50s passed through Washington DC before getting to Maryland where he has since been at a hospital for treatment.

She disclosed that the man travelled to the area from Nigeria where he had been staying with relatives before he fell ill, US News reports.

She said, “With his test yielding presumptive positive, D.C. Health has started its investigation in keeping with CDC guidelines.

“At this point he seems to have no history of international travel and no close contacts with a confirmed case. He remains hospitalised.”

Recall that an Italian had imported Coronavirus into Nigeria on February 24 and had contact with several persons in Ogun and Lagos before being put under observation for treatment.

Though authorities claim there is no cause for alarm, fears remain rife among the populace on the possibility of a further spread of the deadly virus in Nigeria.

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