According to John F. Kennedy, “The war against hunger is truly mankind’s war of liberation.”  It is no longer news that Coronavirus (Covid-19) is quite alarming and far spreading while food prices have risen dramatically around the country in recent days, fuelling widespread concern and social unrest in communities confronted with devastating price increases when buying provisions and food stuff. Exactly what accounts for this wild upswing in market prices and what do these trends hold for those already living in precarious conditions? 

Hunger and malnutrition are self-perpetuating issues that affect a person’s mental ability, health, work and productivity. They constitute the world’s greatest public health risk, more pressing than corona virus (Covid-19).  

There will be restrictions of movement due to the outbreak of Covid-19 (Corona Virus) and yet the government have no plan for its citizen during the sit at home period while other countries made provisions for their citizen so as not to lose their lives to hunger because hunger kills faster than a virus. At least 70 per cent of Nigerians are living on stipend even when they go out to hustle to put food on their tables, what will be their fate staying at home for a longer period without having an alternative? How do they survive? If they eventually survive the virus, will they survive the hunger? 

The Nigerian government should put a proper measure in place so our case won't end up like that of Italy, Spain and America respectively or even worse. Nigerians cherish their lives and am very sure the whole of the cities will be empty like a grave yard if the government can roll out an economic stimulus package to its citizen or better still give out relief funds to every individuals. 

Influential individuals and organizations are not left out, I personally go against the act of tokenism portrayed by our banking sectors as i see it as policy or practice of making only a symbolic effort. 80% Nigerians are bank users and as well have a BVN (Bank Verification Number), relief funds can be disbursed to Nigerians via their BVN numbers irrespective of where they are. Billions of naira have been paid to the government account by individuals, organizations as well as the banking sectors to support during this pandemic while its citizens are languishing. I hope mosquitoes don't swallow all the billions as we will be left with no choice as usual to believe it was swallowed by mosquitoes. 

The government should put in place an alternatives for its citizen not just to tell us to sit at home and die of hunger as majority of Nigerians lives on hand to mouth on daily basis. 

Education and awareness are the first steps to understanding and solving any issue and hunger is no different, while malnutrition is the single largest contributor to disease. 

You pray for the hungry, then you feed them. This is how prayer works. – Pope Francis. 

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