The victim, Joseph Pessu

Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Authur Okowa
The Executive Governor of Delta State
Governent house

Your Excellency,

I write with the highest sense of humility and respect for your exalted and prestigious office. I am constrained to make open my message to you for the singular reason of standing in solidarity with our dear people of Delta especially citizens residing in warri. As you already know sir, tensions are already high and that is threatening the ever fragile peace we have in warri. The sit at home order you gave was largely obeyed, in spite of the Overzealousness, unprofessional conduct and unsolicited intimidation on the part of some of our security operatives!

I also wish to draw your attention to the disturbing news  that a citizen of Delta State Joseph Pessu was Shot dead today in ugbuwange, warri. His only sin was that he defiled the lock down to get drugs for his pregnant fiance. You would recall sir, that you announced that persons providing essential services such as Pharmacist and health workers are exempted from the lock down. I beg to ask, If someone could be killed for simply heading to the pharmacy, what would be the faith of the common man who goes across the street to get maggi, salt or sugar to drink the little garri they have, from the in house shops that could operate under your order? The current situation in warri could snowball into serious anarchy if not properly handled.

While we understand that the economic fortunes of our dear state is currently dwindling due to Oil price crash and this current epidemic and so it would be ultimately unpatriotic to put you under any form of financial pressure to provide palliatives for our people at this time, We trust your timing and we pray Almighty God in his infinite mercies and wisdom will give you the grace, strength and knowledge needed to pilot our state to greatness even in these trying times.

Going forward your excellency, I want to on behalf of Delta people demand a full scale investigation into the matter and the perpetrators of this barbaric act brought to justice in the full glare of the public.

This letter is in no way to spite you your excellency, By the grace of God I voted for you twice(2015 and 2019) I dare say that Nobody from my area can claim to be more pro-okowa than I am. I am fully aware that some of our misguided leaders and unfriendly friends would keep screen shots of this letter to score cheap political points and most definitely to position themselves as enemies of progress as usual. Your excellency, these overzealous politicians would never donate a dime to assist our people in these precarious times nor would they assist the needy or less privileged in our society, They would not participate in the various sensitization programmes your government is spearheading, rather you will only see them when it is time to remove names of so called ungrateful youths . They would keep a copy of this letter work against themselves(Not me). Thank you and God bless you.

Tamaraukuro Pere-owei Forteta is name. I rise!
[email protected]

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