Chairman of United States House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Sub-committee on Africa, Karen Bass, has condemned ongoing violence in Guinea over plans by President Alpha Conde to seek a third term in office. 

Conde has tried to amend sections of the country's constitution to make way for his continued stay in power but the people are resisting that move. 

As a result, the government has unleashed security forces on political opponents and all those against the move. 

In a statement on Thursday, Bass said,"I am disappointed that a constitutional referendum passed that could allow President Alpha Conde to run for a third presidential term. 

"I also condemn the violence against the political opposition, protestors, and the citizens of Guinea by government forces. 

"The people of Guinea have spoken by continuously protesting and boycotting. 

"Reportedly, citizens who opposed the government’s constitutional reforms have been killed, kidnapped, and detained by the country’s government.
"Young people are organized, engaged, and using their own voices to display anger over a possible third term by President Conde. 

"It is every person’s right in Guinea to protest peacefully.  

"The Government of Guinea should listen to the will of the people and let its citizens express themselves freely.

"Once more, I urge President Alpha Conde to not seek a third presidential term and allow the political process to play out during the elections later in the year."

Conde is desperate to keep his hold on power despite already serving two terms of five years each that elapses at the end of this year. 

The situation has led to widespread violence in the West African country with over 31 civilians and some policeman killed already. 

A referendum should have held on March 1 but was moved to March 22, which has eventually been put on hold as a result of of the outbreak of Coronavirus.

The West African country has been in turmoil since that period. 

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