More than 900 people are reported to have died from Coronavirus in United Kingdom hospitals in a day.

The government announced an increase of 938 deaths, taking the UK’s total to 7,097.

According to the country’s department of health, a total of 60,733 people have now tested positive for the virus and 7,097 of those hospitalised have died.

As of Tuesday, the number of deaths recorded was 6,159 with 55,242 confirmed cases.

“As of 9:00am 8 April, 282,074 tests have concluded, with 14,682 tests on 7 April, 232,708 people have been tested of which 60,733 tested positive. 

“As of 5:00pm on 7 April, of those hospitalised in the UK who tested positive for Coronavirus, 7,097 have sadly died,” the department said

The National Health Service said the patients, who have died from the disease, were aged between 22 and 103-years-old.

It added that all but 46 of the deceased had underlying health conditions.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who had tested positive for the disease, was hospitalised on Sunday. 

He was later taken to intensive care unit over worsening symptoms.

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