The governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party in the 2019 election in Kogi State, Akpoti Natasha, on Friday donated three ventilators to the Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja, to help tackle the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to a statement by the Natasha Akpoti Foundation, the ventilators are the first to be installed in the public health facility in the state. 

The statement reads, “It is trite knowledge that Nigeria’s healthcare sector especially that of Kogi State is dilapidated largely due to governmental neglect. 

“However, citizens can’t afford to fold their arms when humanity is at stake at the wake of this Coronavirus pandemic.

“When I got wind of the fact that Kogi State in its entirety had no ventilators, I thought the most patriotic and humane thing to do was purchase the much I could to help my people.  

“The three ventilators have been installed at the Federal Medical Centre and they have been unveiled. As of today, there is no recorded case of COVID-19 in Kogi, but it does not mean we should fold our hands only to act at the 11th hour. It is a proactive measure to ensure that whenever any patient surfaces, these facilities would be offered free of charge. 

“Beyond this Coronavirus pandemic, I hope these facilities will be of service to patients in need of respiratory aid.

“My desire is that these ventilators would be rendered free of charge.”

Also speaking, Medical Director of Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja, Dr Olatunde Alabi, said the machines will be useful beyond the COVID-19 era to service accident victims along the busy Okene-Lokoja-Abuja Road.

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