Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State has accused security agencies of complicity in the enforcement of movement restriction put in place to curtail the spread of Coronavirus in the city.

Akeredolu said that entry points into the state had become porous, allowing people to come in and go out of Ondo despite the presence of law enforcement personnel in those places.

The governor said this during a broadcast in Akure, the state capital, on Monday.

He said, "Our borders are still porous and heavily compromised. Our security agents, who ought to enforce government’s restriction order are themselves accomplices who abuse the trust placed in them at this critical time. Governor Rotimi Akeredolu

"Members of the public, upon witnessing this massive compromise by law enforcement agents and other government officials, are thereby encouraged to defy the safety regulations and persist in error. In any and all of these scenarios, we are the losers. 

"The level of threat and risk to our lives and those of our loved ones are heightened. We must do something to prevent these unfortunate and absolutely avoidable experiences.

"In this regard, I therefore wish to call on the Inspector-General of Police, the service chiefs of the Nigerian Armed Forces as well as the authorities of other security agencies to streamline and monitor the movement and operations of their men at this time to prevent needless, avoidable and unfortunate occurrences like this in the future.  

"I also challenge them to enforce stricter compliance of their agents to their operational orders and the same regulations they are enforcing on all Nigerians.”

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