As the increase in Coronavirus infections and death rates continue to rise in Kano State, about 70 per cent of medical doctors have abandoned their duty posts in the city, a public affairs analyst in the state, Muhammed Jamo, has said.

Jamo disclosed that medical doctors were scared of contracting the virus while treating others.

He spoke in an interview with Channels Television monitored by SaharaReporters.  Doctors on duty

He said, “As I am speaking with you today, 70 per cent of the medical doctors have absconded and abandoned their duty posts because they are scared.

“They have not been provided with personal protective equipment to use to protect themselves.  It is a sad development what is happening in Kano.”

Jamo said the state government was more political than being proactive.

He added, “Lagos has done so much, first in identifying isolation centres and providing all the necessary amenities needed including training of medical doctors but if you look at Kano, there is no specific treatment or training that was given to the medical doctors and even the state government didn’t do quite enough.”

Jamo urged the Federal Government to intervene in Kano and provide medical support for the state and doctors.

Dr Mansur Ramalan, also speaking in an interview on Channels TV, said there had been a decrease in health care services in the state.

He said more deaths of elderly people were being recorded owing to their health conditions.

“As a result of the lockdown, some of the hospitals have scaled down their services and quite a number of the elderly people have potential.

“People will be worried about any unusual activities, even the healthcare workers are concerned especially the fact that no one truly knows exactly what causes these deaths.

“I don’t think the public have sufficient information about the lockdown and need for them to keep certain behavioural practices within this period.

“I think that there is the need for the public to play their own role in terms of behavioural modification because there are no two ways about it.

“The pandemic is here with us and whatever we do will determine how fast or early we get out of the problem.”

President Muhammadu Buhari, in his latest nationwide address, had said government would deploy additional technical resources to strengthen and support the Kano State Government’s efforts at tackling the situation.


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