Nigerians have a penchant for fake news and baseless conspiracy theories. One of the problems we are facing is not just the inability to read well but the inability to fact check what we read. In essence we are faced with two dilemmas: the inability to read and the inability to fact check what we read.

Everybody and their dog can now have a say on what's trending on social media. The social media offers cheap access to information but 95% of the information we get is absolutely fake.

Here are the lies peddled on social media: Bill Gates is the Antichrist; the yet to come COVID–19 vaccine is the mark of the beast; Bill Gates wants to sacrifice Africa on the altar of Satan. These are lies peddled by dummies on social media and painfully these theories are sprayed with the perfumes of religion and swallowed by gullible Nigerians hook, line and sinker. From conspiracy theories they have grown to become superstitions.  Promise Eze

Just as a friend of mine wrote and I shall paraphrase: let us deal with common fact and not common sense.

What evidence do you have to prove that Bill Gates is the Antichrist except some useless write-ups you read on social media? Is Bill Gates a Satanist? No, he isn't. Has he declared any intention to offer the world to Satan? No. Your thoughts about the innocent man was garnered from online. You don't read, that's why you don't know that Gates has never proposed or funded research into the development of a vaccine — for COVID-19 or for anything else — that includes the injection of a device that could actively track your location, monitor anything you are doing, or control you.

A fact checking website Snopes. com put factually that: " The theory that Bill Gates wants to use a vaccine to track people based on any of these statements or views is flawed for at least two reasons. First, nothing he has advocated for above necessitates injecting a tracking device into a body. Instead these theoretical technologies would rely on a combination of biometric identification, encryption, and cloud storage of data. Second, as shown by South Korea, the injection of tracking devices via vaccines would likely be a waste of time, given the fact that most of humanity is constantly connected to a GPS enabled smartphone that probably about you than your parents."

Bill Gates has never advocated for the use of vaccine to track people. This is not my opinion. You can fact check it as well. Don't be too lazy to do so. It's a painstaking assignment but it will cure you of your ignorance. Don't get your facts from Facebook or a quack online religious preacher.

Our inability to read correct information makes us susceptible to lies and falsehood. Our inability to judge matters without sentiments drags us into the deep pit of ignorance.

Just in case you don't know Gates has been a great resource to Africa.

Reno Omokiri in his article The Strange Satanism of Bill Gates writes: "Bill and Melinda Gates have spent $5 billion feeding Africans and saving African lives. It thus betrays ingratitude for Africans to call them satanic agents. Can we not give them the benefit of the doubt? We have produced no evidence to substantiate these rumours, yet we are so prepared to forget all their good deeds and just label them anti Christ. How can you say Bill and Melinda Gates are satanic agents when Christ said satan came to steal, kill and destroy? For years, they have been doing the opposite of that."

Bill Gates has done nothing wrong to us. Why do we pay him with evil?

Read and stop being foolish!

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