A resident of Kano State has accused the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control of ignoring calls made to their lines since she lost her uncle, who was exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms on Thursday night.

The resident, identified as @Nabeeylarh2, said the NCDC in Kano State had refused to move in to test or evacuate those, who might have been infected despite so many calls to their hotlines. 

@Nabeeylarh2 said, “My uncle died last night of COVID-19 symptoms and his wife, my aunt, has been exhibiting symptoms as well. We have contacted NCDC since morning to come to her but we haven't seen anyone.

“We did (called NCDC) they weren't picking at first and when they finally did around 9pm they told us they would come but no one came. We called again around 4pm and they told us they would come but they don’t know when. We have been waiting ever since. 

“Please, we need your help urgently @NCDCgov. My aunt is deteriorating every passing minute. Help needed urgently.” 

Kano has recorded over 300 cases in the past weeks, causing many deaths.

The state is the second highest hit state with 482 COVID-19 cases so far. 

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