Almajiris have been described as the breeding ground for Coronavirus by Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State because of their vulnerability as a result of lack of hygiene, lack of shelter and lack of proper sanitation.

Ganduje stated this on Thursday at the opening of training for a special Rapid Response Team to cater for over 2000 Almajirai stationed at three mega centres in Kiru, Karaye and Gabasawa in Kano.

“Because they stay in a congested environment, they have no defined place for them to sleep, no prescribed food for them to eat, no provision for sanitation and therefore they are vulnerable,” the governor was quoted by Vanguard newspapers.

Based on these, Ganduje decided to pay special attention to them by establishing the special response team to examine and protect them under the climate of COVID-19. 

According to the governor, those found to be negative will be taken back to their parents while those found to be positive will be retained, isolated and treated. When they recover, they will then be taken back to their states with certification from the NCDC.

He said, “We decided to examine all the Almajiris in Kano state. Our intention is to protect them and those who are negative, we take them back to their parents, back to their states to ensure that they are free from coronavirus. Those who are positive, we are not taking them back to their states of origin. We are putting them in isolation centres until they are cured and are confirmed negative. See Also PUBLIC HEALTH BREAKING: Kano State Quarantines 2000 Almajiri Kids Over COVID-19

 “For those Almajiris from Kano, we have an adequate arrangement for their education and for those who cannot find where to go, we are their parents and we are ready to cater for them.

“Our intention is to ensure that the Almajiri system is fully integrated with the conventional system of education. Our children have the right to education and Almajiris have right to education.”

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