The National Association of Nigerian Students has berated some tertiary institutions in Osun State for commencing online studies for some select students.

The students also condemned some institutions for closing their online portal for payment of school fees, an act that could lead to extension of academic years of some students.

In a statement jointly signed by Comrade Agbogunleri Seun Michael (Gandhi), Chairman, NANS JCC Osun Axis; Comrade Ogunsakin Oluwafemi Sunday, Secretary General, NANS JCC Osun Axis; Comrade Raji Keji (Paracetamol), Public Relations Officer, NANS JCC Osun Axis; the students described the acts by the tertiary institutions as “inhumane and inconsiderate”. 

The association stated that despite the global pandemic ravaging humanity at this moment, the management of Osun State University closed the institution's portal for payment of fees not minding that many students could not afford to pay now. 

“The institution, in reckless display of insensitivity to the plight of students, parents and guardians and in furtherance of its callous and despotic policies, also kick-started e-learning for the negligible few ones who are lucky to have paid and affirming they will go ahead with online e-examination. 

“Also in our findings, we are made to understand that  Osun State University is not alone in this display of callousness, OSCOTECH, Esa Oke has also begun e-learning for some of her students not minding those who can't afford to purchase data or having the e-learning facilities (computer and smartphone). 

“The cut-throat charges at UNIOSUN has already made the institution unaffordable for average parents in the state, the latest e-learning antic is therefore a complete attack on the people and a bolder step towards the transformation of the university to a stark anti-poor,  pro rich institution.

"We shall fight against this and other obnoxious policies of the university,” the association said.

The students' body also urged the Osun State Government to persuade the institutions to reverse their decisions and be considerate in their academic policies.

It said, “They are admonished to be considerate and reverse their decisions, first, by putting on hold any form of online study or e-learning for Nigeria students as we have made to understand that not all students are having full access to the facilities (computers and smartphone) and not all those having the facilities can afford datafication of the gadgets presently as a result of the present economic reality.

“All tertiary institutions should open and activate their school fees portal till when the schools reopen as most parents are trying to provide for survival with their families presently and can't afford payments of school fees.”

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