In violation of the social distancing guideline put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19, the Bus Rapid Transit in Lagos has been carrying full passengers.

The state government had on March 25, 2020, ordered that the BRT must not transport beyond 21 passengers per trip, adding that the drivers must not permit standing in their buses.

However, in total disregard for the guidelines, the BRT being operated by Primero Transport Services Ltd., has reversed to normal operations by carrying full passengers and allowing passengers to seat on the aisle of the buses.

A passenger, who spoke with our correspondent, said the BRT buses loading from Yaba to Ikorodu had begun full operations since Friday. 

"I enter the BRT buses going from Yaba terminal to Ikorodu daily. On Friday when I went to board the bus, despite the existing inflation of fee by Primero, they have now reverted to carrying full passengers.

"The drivers even carried passengers and told them to sit on the floor to avoid being seen by the police and operatives of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority.

"The same thing happened on Saturday and people have no choice but to enter

"They load two passengers per seat instead of one per seat after we have paid N300 and they also carry standing telling them to seat on the floor," the passenger said.

Another passenger condemned the act of the BRT management, saying the BRT buses were supposed to be at the frontline of enforcing the regulations in Lagos transport system. 

"This is extortion of the highest order the Lagos state government. BRT buses that supposed to load 60% of the total capacity of the bus according to the Lagos state ministry of transportation, but the BRT loading Ikorodu from Oshodi and Yaba loaded 100 per cent and even over-load."

The passengers urge the government to ensure the BRT buses management comply with the safety regualtions for the benefit of all residents of the state.


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