A few days after Benue State COVID-19 index case, Susan Idoko Okpe nee Lawani, was released from isolation centre, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control has called her to come back for another COVID-19 test.

Idoko had spent 58-days in isolation after it was announced that she tested positive to COVID-19 by Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue.

While in isolation, she was tested four times by the NCDC after an initial test was done by the Benue State Government, she revealed to our correspondent.

During her stay in forceful isolation, she had threatened the NCDC with a lawsuit if she was not released within seven days from the treatment centre in Abuja.  Susan Idoko Okpe

She was eventually released last Wednesday by the NCDC in Abuja.

However, days after her release, Okpe received a call from the NCDC requesting her to undergo another test.

She said, "They want me to disclose my location to them so that they can do another test.  See Also #COVID-19: A Nigerian-Uk Woman Complains Of Being Traumatized For 43 Days In Isolation Center Breaking News BREAKING: British-Nigerian Woman Alleged To Have COVID-19 Released After 54 Days In Forced Quarantine

"NCDC should leave me alone, am I the only Nigerian thy lied against? They should look for another candidate."

She however, declined the test by the NCDC and also refused to disclose her location to the agency.

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