Did you still remember her? The 70yrs old poor Black woman fufu hawker, a widow tortured and arrested by Black police in Nigeria on the street of Osogbo just because she participated in a peaceful Revolution Now protest led by Sowore to call attention of government to the economic hardship of Nigerians.

According to the brutalized IYA ONIFUFU, "I was hawking fufu when I saw some youth singing Nigeria is bad,  people, are hungry, there's mass poverty, no job for the youth, no light, no water...since I have unemployed educated children at home, it's like the protesting youths were talking to me directly, so I joined them in their peaceful protest... "

Was this police brutality against Iya Onifufu Racism also? While not ruling out intrinsic racism, ethnicnism, nepotism or religious bigotry in the police /security agencies actions in US, Europe, Asia, Africa, from County to country depending on the country's cultural / political history, police brutality globally is beyond racism but also class orientation to defend the State and the propertied ruling class against protest, liberation and interest of the poor.

Many of you who supported and defended  the brutalisation of Iya Onifufu (a Black woman) by the State police (Black) and  are now banging your heads on the wall to rightly condemn killer Cop Derek murdering of Floyd on the street of Minneapolis are local and international HYPOCRITES.

If your government doesn't respect your basic rights including right to protest and you citizens support government's attack on those rights, then don't expect to be respected outside your home country. Charity begins at home.

As I write, Sowore is still being held hostage in Abuja for months  by government using the Judiciary as a willing accomplice.

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