Yesterday, during a conversation I had with Ogugua Iwelu (Fela Broadway) analyzing a talented young man, we came to a conclusion that there were vivid traces of Majek Fashek in him.

Today, he forwarded a picture of Majek with a laconic caption "strangely". I clicked on the picture, underneath it, the confirmation of Majek Fashek passing.

That conversation that took place yesterday about seeing traces of Majek in a young talent, I take as a vivid legacy Majek left behind.  Majek Fashek performing in his younger years

With wit, talent, style, and audacity Majek claimed what his world didn’t obviously see as his. In the end, the world reclaimed what it didn’t reserve for him. He’ll be remembered as one those who carved his destiny by the means within his reach.

As Adam Clayton Powell Jr. preached to reclaim what some thought wasn’t his, “What’s in your hand?” the only thing left at his disposition was the metaphorical stick; that same stick that paved a way across the sea to liberate Moses' people.

Majek Fashek’s stick was the guitar. 

Tip of his fret in the air, his fingers mime melodious rain chimes, and the lord answered his prayers. And then that guitar ushered him from the ghetto to big cities of "stained" glasses. 

I will remember that smile that connected his lips, cheekbones, eyes, and a compassionate sentiment they revealed.

Rest in peace Majek.

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