A coalition of civil society organisations has demanded justice for George Floyd, Tina Ezekwe, Uwa Omozuwa, Alex Ogbu, Barakat Bello, Solomon Eze and other victims of rape and police brutality in Nigeria and around the world.


The coalition in a statement signed by Adejobi Peter and Gerald O Kathy, said it would be holding a peaceful protest on Friday, June 12, 2020 against rape and police brutality in Abuja.

The statement reads, “On May 27, 2020,  Uwa Omozuwa was said to have visited the RCCG, Edo Province 10, Ikpoba Hill, Benin, where she was reading. Unfortunately, she was gang-raped, hit by a fire extinguisher and later died in the hospital. 

"While we appreciate that investigation is ongoing, we need to emphasise that justice is what we ultimately need. Only then can we be assured of our safety.

“We want stiffer penalty against rapists and end to discrimination against rape victims. We do not agree with attempts to blame the rape victims for their dressing or the hour during they walked the street. A rapist is a rapist; there is no excuse for raping a woman. If care isn’t taken, our society will become a barbaric country where the lives of people are not guaranteed. We stand against sexism, sexual harassment and the oppression of women in their places of work.

“The world woke up on May 26, 2020 to the news of the murder of George Floyd perpetuated by four members of the Minneapolis Police Department in America. This is not the first time the police will take the lives of innocent people in America and in other parts of the world. Here in Nigeria, we have reported numerous cases of police brutality around the country. We will not be cowed by this and we will match to demand justice.  

“We demand justice for Comrade Alex Ogbu that was killed on January 21 by the Utako Police Division led by the DPO. He was a passerby and was shot in the head by the police officer while dispersing the protest organised by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria also called Shiites. Our comrade was a father, husband, journalist and socialist who has contributed tremendously to the struggle for better Nigeria. Your men have hurt us and the family. We call for full investigation into this matter. We demand compensation to the family of comrade Alex Ogbu, Tina Ezekwe, Solomon Eze and all others killed unjustly. We want the trial of police officers responsible for the violation of human rights across the country.”

The coalition urged the Nigerian Government to increase funding for the Nigeria Police Force to allow adequate and diligent prosecution of suspects. 

It added, “Our coalition rejects the continued repression by police and attempts by police authorities to keep silent on many of the reported cases."


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