Imran Aliyu Abdulhameed, son of Aliyu Abdulhameed, the embattled Managing Director, Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL) was jailed by the government of Ras AL Khaimah, the United Arab Emirates for laundering money, in case number 2018/4796, SaharaReporters can exclusively confirm. 

Imran was jailed in August 2018 at Ras Al Khaimah Central Prison, United Arab Emirates, but was eventually released on bail on September 23, 2018. 

SaharaReporters obtained the statement of account which details how Imran laundered money on several occasions.  NIRSAL MD, Aliyu Abdulhameed.

SaharaReporters also obtained a copy of the bail bond of the public prosecution department, the government of Ras AI Khaimah with which Imran's release was eventually secured.

When Imran was arrested by the cops in Dubai, he was caught driving a Lamborghini Urus car, worth $400,000.00 (Four Hundred Thousand Dollars) and was wearing a designer wrist watch, Audemars Piguet, one of the world's most expensive wristwatches valued at tens of thousands of dollars.  See Also Corruption EXPOSED: How Managing Director Of NIRSAL, Aliyu Abdulhameed, Dismissed Olalekan Olusanya, Head Of Internal Audit To Cover Up Multi-billion Naira Fraud

Imran was a student of Rak American University, the United Arab Emirates in 2016 but he heavily laundered money with his Dubai Islamic Bank Account Number: 005580089498101, IBAN Number: AE250240005580089498101, Savings Account, Ras AL Khaimah branch.

Investigations revealed that Imran's account was credited by Hadiza Aliyu Isa through Western Union Transfer on August 15, 2016. However, a particular Cromwell Iredia Omage prominently featured more in Imran's record of illicit transfer of funds.

SaharaReporters confirmed that Aliyu Abdulhameed awarded a contract of over N2bn to his son, Imran, for the purchase of sophisticated digital devices such as iPhones, MacBook Air laptops, drones, and ICT software to be used by NIRSAL staff.  See Also Corruption EXPOSED: How Managing Director Of NIRSAL, Aliyu Abdulhameed, Diverted Almost N1bn To Bank Account Of Agency's Head Of Finance

NIRSAL Head of ICT, Etin Omonbude, was instrumental in the fraudulent award of the contract to Imran, which was ordered by his father, the MD of NIRSAL.

Imran - Statement of account, Dubai Islamic Bank by Sahara Reporters on Scribd

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