Demolishing Church of Satan is Ungodly. Let's Respect people's fundamental right and freddom of worship.

By consensus, it's agreed that Satan has more followers than God in Nigeria because of corruption, misgovernance, election rigging, electoral violence, vote buying, individual immorality in keeping sidechicks, sidecocks, drinking alcohol (minus cold Trophy and palmwine), womanizing, manizing, embezzlement of church, mosque and shrine fund, bribing of judges, rape, lawyers helping suspects to escape trial, government errant  task  force commercialising crime, nepotism, Abobakus' selective blindness on governance issues, teachers helping students to cheat, coldroom affairs, sex for mark, forging travel documents including fake hotel reservation, invitation letter, fake bank account and yellow page, workers exploitation by employers among other corporate and individual crime.

Anyone who has ever been involved in any of these crimes is a follower of Satan and unofficial member of Church of Satan that's now illegally demolished by violent  "children of God" 

The need for salvation is one of the reasons we have more  noisy prayer centres per Sq kilometer  than schools, public hospitals and factories in Nigeria all in attempt  to defeat Satan yet no victory and no redemption. Despite your leaders' "kurukere kurukere" to Mecca and Jerusalem, they have not made any appreciable impact in your lives. This  reaffirms  the overwhelming majority, popular support and followership Satan enjoys. So, let His/Her (Satan) Church be.

But if the G. O. of Church of  Satan had committed any crime, then try him on that and not on the basis of his and his congregation's religious belief in Satan. Even in the Bible, Jesus as a man (or woman) of peace never fought Satan during their brief interaction when Satan took him to the mountain top to tempt him. Instead, Jesus reprimanded him(her) to stop following him and they departed peacefully without abuse or physical fight.

That's a lesson we should learn from Jesus by using our power of conviction peacefully  to recruit anyone into our religious groups as  faithful of any religion we profess.

Let the Church of Satan be and allow anyone who wants to continue with Church of God or Church of Mammy Water, Mofeto Shurch or any religious group that wants to worship other gods be free to do so peacefully. After all, at the peak of Maradona's popularity as the world best footballers just like Lion Messi now, some die hard Argentine established Church of Maradona where they worshipped him. That's the latitude of rights and freedoms in civilised world. Religion and defence of God who didn't ask anyone to break bottles, shoot guns, kill or demolish people's property should not be our priority but flood, bad roads, dilapidated public schools and hospitals, insecurity, rape, banditry, Boko Haram, violent murderous herdsmen, dangerous illegal mining and other social issues should be our first, second and last priority that we must collectively struggle against and push our crazy leaders for solution Nigeria remains a secular state.

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