The staff of Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC), on Thursday, in Abuja shut down their office complex in protest against the Executive Secretary, Yewande Sadiku, for allegedly spending over N400 million on foreign trips in three years.

The protesting workers also called for the removal of Sadiku for milking the commission dry at the expense of the staff welfare.

The Chairman of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria (ASCSN), Yusuf Mustapha, said Sadiku ignored previous attempts to address the grievances of the staff. 

The staff demanded better welfare, administration and accountability. They also alleged that Sadiku spent over N400 million on over 70 trips within three years without any positive investment to show for it.

Some of the allegations levelled against her included disloyalty to the president and negative publicity, deviation from the core mandate of the commission, wastage of scarce resources, favouritism, nonchalance concerning staff welfare and poor implementation of budgetary provisions. 

She was also said to be showing “double standards and deliberate tardiness” regarding staff welfare and violating COVID-19 safety guidelines.

"The commission has not put in place any safety provision to protect the staff from the COVID-19 pandemic beyond hand washing basins at the entrance,” they said. 

They vowed to continue the protest and make the commission ungovernable until Sadiku is removed from office.

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