A Dubai, United Arab Emirates-based company, Shirley Recruitment Consultants, has released details for recruitment of merchandisers and stated that Nigerians were exempted from applying.

This comes days after Ramon Olorunwa Abass popularly known as Hushpuppi and other Nigerians were arrested for Internet fraud in Dubai and extradited to the United States.

Apart from being blacklisted from applying for jobs in some Dubai firms, Nigerians have also been barred from applying for tourist visa to the Arabian tourist hub. 

In a letter, the UAE authorities made it known that Nigerian passport holders were not permitted to obtain a tourism visa to the country in the meantime.

“Dear applicant, Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, your visa application has been rejected as Nigerian passport holders are not permitted to obtain a tourism visa to the UAE in the meantime,” part of the letter read.

Hushpuppi is accused by the Federal Bereau of Investigation in the US of scamming several individuals and businesses of millions of dollars through various Internet fraud and risks maximum sentence if convicted for the offence.

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