I read this inspiring story online and thought it worth sharing with you. It's about an NYSC member by the name Ijeoma who decided to hawk for her aged landlady to reward her for kindness and hospitality in line with the caption. In a selfish world, we all know how hard it is to be appreciative especially once you have plenty of excuses not to.

The lady in the picture you are looking at from the narrative was a youth corper who probably came into relationship with a good landlady. She was motivated into this hawking business because the landlady was apparently good to her and she thought the best way to payback is by helping her through her business which is very commendable.

We are in the generation of ungratefulness who would always resolve to critics. People find it easier to hurt each other than help one another. You give them money, they're going to tell you that it's too small without considering the very fact that you simply don't owe them nor are you obligated to their well-being.

This story jogs my memory of  personal experiences that have taught me -- the attitude of indulging in materialism and greedily mindset, should be discouraged in our lives, in order that better relationships and coexistence are often fostered among us.

The attitude of gratitude in life can't be overemphasized because it's something that catapults the practitioner to a high altitude by the adoption of a correct aptitude. You cannot enjoy what you do not appreciate. To be upset about what you don't have is to waste what you do have.

Let's be honest -- We do not line up in filling stations to refill our veins with blood neither can we buy the air in our nostrils. We aren't getting charged for the sun that brightens our day or the moon that lightens our night. We are so over excited by the cares of life that we spare little because of the one who sustains us.

When you show an interest in others by noticing the great things they’ve done, they're going to be drawn to like a magnet. It will accelerate the connection building process and enhance their overall impression of you.

Most times we do not receive from God because we've not thanked him for the one he has given us. If the man healed of leprosy hadn't returned to Jesus with thanks, he wouldn't have received 'wholeness'.  Gratitude is that key to lasting satisfaction. We are frustrated not by what we don't have but lack of appreciation of what we do have.

Conclusively, I would like to challenge you to develop the attitude of gratitude to stand out from the crowd. Ensure it's genuine and something which will make an impact. It will require effort on your part but it'll be worth it. Gratitude is the best attitude!

Richard Olanrewaju Odusanya convener of Africa Covenant Rescue Initiative

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