The family of Chukwunenye Nweke has written to the Inspector-General of Police in Nigeria, Mohammed Adamu, seeking the transfer of a fraud case, inducement of public officers, falsification of public documents and other criminal acts being investigated by the Assistant Inspector-General Of Police Zone 9.

The family said the case, which had been at Zone 9 since November 2018, was yet to be filed to court for judicial process to commence.

In the letter also sent to the Senate and House of Representatives Committee on Human Rights and Legal Matters, as well as the National Human Rights Commission, the Nweke family held that Zone 9 no longer had jurisdiction to continue the case following the creation of Zone 13, which has been charged to handle such criminal cases.

Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu

The family said they were informed by the police spokesperson in the state that only the IGP had the power to order the transfer of a case from a zone.

The family stated that police investigation indicted Mrs Aguiyi Anuli, Mrs Ogochukwu Ikunne, Chief Chukwuka Onuko and Mr Ndu Onuko, who are all of the same district with the complainant, of forgeries, falsification of police statements, false information, inducement of public officers and other corrupt practices.

They said apart from the matter not being charged to court, the complainant had not been granted access to documents in the case for documentary reasons.

“That after much ado, AIG Zone 9 through the PPRO, Janet Ugwu Chukwu, said the IG of police has not directed that criminal cases which emancipated from the region covered by Zone 13 which are investigated by Zone 9 should be transferred to Zone 13; and the PPRO Zone 9 said it is only IGP that can give a directive for the transfer of the case to the newly inaugurated Zone 13.

“Henceforward, It is as a result of the stance of the PPRO on our request to have our case file moved from   to Zone 13 that we humbly ask your office to call for the original police case file from Zone 9 Command to IGP X- Squad or Zone 13, Anambra State, as Zone 9 does not have the jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute criminal acts from Anambra,” the family said.

The family is asking the court to carry out a thorough investigation and ensure the prosecution of everyone involved in the case.

“We appeal that whoever that is found wanting by police investigation should be prosecuted in a court of competent jurisdiction,” they added.

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