The Ojewole family in Ibadan, Oyo State, has accused Tunde Akinwusi, a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police in the state, of unlawful arrest and detention.

The family alleged that the former police chief unlawfully arrested a 79-year-old man and detained him for two days at the Iyana-Offa Police Division, Oyo State.

Narrating the incident, a member of the family said some men invaded their home and tried to abduct their aged father but the man struggled and cut one of them with a machete before they disclosed that they were police officers in the state.

“Three unknown people attacked my father in his apartment, they came in and tried to strangle him but he struggled and was able to lay his hand on his cutlass and hit one of them.

“After cutting one of them, they now presented themselves as police officers, claiming they came to arrest my father.

“They came with no means of identification, no invitation letter, no arrest warrant, no report at the nearest police station.

“When they saw that neighbours and by-standers were aware of their illegal operation, they called the Bodija Station to report and he was later taken to Iyana-Offa Police Station where he was detained for two days,” the family member narrated.

He added that the 79-year-old man was tortured and the family was forced to pay the hospital bill of the officer that was wounded and a bail of N10,000.

“They beat him and later collected N10,000 as bail and also treatment for the policeman that sustained an injury during their illegal operation.

“It was when we were making bail processes that we discovered that this illegal operation was the handiwork of retired Assistant Police Commissioner, Tunde Akinwusi.

“Mr Akinwusi is angry just because we charged them to court concerning a chieftaincy title.

“He has not been appearing in court for the case and he has been bragging that he will collect all our inheritance,” he narrated.

He urged the Oyo State Police Commissioner and Governor Seyi Makinde to intervene and put a stop to how influential individuals use police officers for extrajudicial and illegal activities.

“Mr Akinwusi is using his power as former ACP to intimidate and harass our family.

“We have no one, we plead to the government and police head to come to our rescue. This is a pure conspiracy and we need justice,” he added.


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