Ameh Joseph, a whistleblower, is currently under threat after revealing corrupt activities and looting going on at the Federal College of Education (Technical), Asaba, Delta State.

Joseph, who was Head of the Physical Planning Division of the college, was fired by the institution after a petition he sent to the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission revealing series of corruption happening in the institution under the supervision of the Provost, Dr (Mrs) Anene Okeakwa; Acting Director Of Works, Engr Ibhafidon Ehimen; with the support of members of the governing council of the institution.

He said his appointment was terminated on May 13, 2020 on account of petitions to the ICPC in a bid to silence him.

Dr. Mrs. Anene-Okeakwa, the Provost of the Federal College of Education (Technical) Asaba, Delta State.

He also indicted the ICPC for revealing information to the institution, which eventually led to the termination of his appointment by the college.

Explaining his sack by the institution, he said, “I was issued over 10 queries and warnings in order to build up a case for my eventual removal as staff that they claim is the obstacle to the success of their corrupt practices.

“The present Provost openly boasted that the ICPC team was just out to extort some money from them and having been paid, the investigation was dead and that nothing will come out of the investigation because the matter has been settled and that I have been earmarked to suffer disgraceful exit and doomed to die in penury, while the practice of awarding contracts to themselves and their agents will continue because it is their turn to make money. It has indeed continued as such. I have incontrovertible evidence of this.”

He also explained that he acted in considerable risk to his career, financial security and personal relations in order to carry out the national duty of exposing corruption in the institution.

“I do not deserve to suffer and more so not suffer in disgrace as it seems to have turned out now.

“It is painful to me because I have given up a lot that I cannot quantify in a hurry that includes destabilising my children’s education upon their relocation due to open threat, cost of running two homes, over N250,000 on litigation cost so far that I cannot keep up with,” Joseph added.

Indicting the ICPC of involvement in his sack, he said that he started receiving query and letters from the institution after submitting a petition to the anti-corruption agency.

In the petition to the ICPC, Joseph revealed among other things the variation and overpayment by the former Director Of Works, Engr. J.I Chukwuka, Dr Okeakwa and Governing Council Chairman, Mr Ibrahim Olufemi, to Davoris Nigeria Limited on construction of administrative block At FCE(T), Asaba, amongst other projects; plot to override outstanding and defective works; and payments outside architects verified works and costing instructions to the QS Yahaya Gwani on block of 12 classroom constructed by Shull Point Ventures.

“Over the years, fraud and financial improprieties have been going on as a matter routine and I have suffered all manners of official, psychological and physical intimidation for daring to speak out to the extent that in anticipation of my reactions, I have been labelled a petition writer, queried, threatened to be sacked and warned not to speak out against all these improprieties.

“This has also come to pass with my termination letter just received.

“Are these people more powerful than Nigerian anti-graft commissions and the law at large? Most of them have passed Federal Government service age with over 10 years as revealed by their classmates known to me,” he added.

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