The United Nations Security Council has issued a stern directive to the Malian military to immediately return to the barracks.

The warning came on Wednesday as mutineering soldiers took over the government in Mali as the President, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, and Prime Minister, Boubou Cisse, were arrested by the soldiers.

The President was subsequently forced to resign.

The 15-member council was briefed after soldiers ousted Mali's President in a coup.

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A resistance group, M5, also insisted that the constitutional court must be dissolved, while the President must resign before peace can return to the country.

The crisis had erupted after the court nullified results of 31 parliamentary seats in the country’s polls, awarding victory to some other contenders, which the resistance group said was at the instigation of Keita.

On July 10, riots led to the killing of some protesters by security agents.

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