Nigerian students under the aegis of Alliance of Nigerian Students Against Neoliberal Attacks has condemned the increment of fuel pump price by the Nigerian Government. 

The group in a statement by Damilare Adenola on Thursday said the increment was “unacceptable, ill-timed, suicidal and a travesty”.

The statement reads, “It is sad that rather than relieve the economic hardship induced by the failure of leadership and mismanagement of the pandemic, the government is now on a goose of making life become unbearable for a people’s interest it swore oath to protect. We hereby contend that the deliberate increment of petrol price at this perilous time is an attempt to murder the agonizing masses.  

“In reality, to force innocent and unsuspecting citizens to pay for the greed of the political establishment through an exploitative fee hike is the height of heartlessness. While other nations of the world are stopping at nothing to make life easier and comfortable for their people, ours is putting all its efforts in reigning economic terror on a suffering people. This, we will never allow to happen.”

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