The decision by President Muhammadu Buhari's administration to build a $1.96bn rail line that will connect Nigeria to Niger Republic has been met with stiff rejection by Nigerians.

The government on Wednesday at the weekly Federal Executive Committee approved the rail line but the move has been heavily criticised.

President Buhari

Questioning the rationale behind the rail project, Nigerians on social media described it as misplaced priority.

@honilatte said, “Lagos to Ghana doesn't have a rail, Lagos to Onitsha doesn't have a rail, but we have this thanks to Buhari the Nigerien.”

@DavidObafemi7 said, “Have we finished developing Nigeria? Madness!”

@EmmanuelNdiokw4 tweeted, “We, the people need more information as to economic importance of this proposed rail line to Niger Republic. Mass education on this project would go a long way to diffuse the mass hysteria that is likely to follow.”

@shagbastic said, “What do we have to do with Niger? Why so much money sunk into a rail line from Kano to Niger! The affinity of this administration with Niger is too glaring not to notice. Benue State which is the so called food basket of the nation has moribund rail transport!”

@DeCollosus said, "Regardless of what the FG may think of this rail project to Niger. I would say it's misplaced and lacking in deep thought. The most important issues of priority are; settlement with ASUU and all financial demands thereof, squarely deal with the economic needs of citizens etc.”

@IkennaEkwerike said the rail line will ease the migration of Nigeriens to Nigeria.

He tweeted: “Probably to ease the influx of their fellow Fulani killer herdsmen to aid their grand agenda to terrorise indigenous people and claim their lands and equally steal the resources from the South and give to their fellow parasitic elements!”

According to @efa101, it is, “Highly misplaced priorities, unless there's a hidden agenda to this. Many regions in Nigeria don't have a single rail line, yet we are connecting Niger Republic to Kano. Of what economic benefit is that to Nigerians? Rail line that will be built with loans.”

@OmowawaDavid said, “Is the rail line to Niger republic the most important and urgent need in our country? What about the education and power sectors that require lots of funds to revive it? Misplaced priority and misuse of borrowed funds.”

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