Reacting to the agitation for Oduduwa Nation, General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, warned General Muhammadu Buhari that “We all know that we must restructure. It is either we restructure or we break, you don’t have to be a prophet to know that one. That is certain - restructure or we break up. 

Responding to Adeboye, Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant to General Muhammadu Buhari said, “This is to warn that such unpatriotic outbursts are both unhelpful and unwarranted as this government will not succumb to threats and take any decision out of pressure... Repeat: this administration will not take any decision against the interests of 200 million Nigerians who are the President’s first responsibility under the constitution, out of fear or threats...”

Shehu’s response is irresponsible, dishonest, and a complete garbage. Shehu lacks the paragon of honesty or virtue or competence. Typically, when Shehu starts rambling on about anything, it’s not really worth repeating or dissecting. Shehu’s comments are often so outlandish that treating them as legitimate response is foolish and even irresponsible. How can Shehu say Pastor Adeboye’s call for restructure is “unpatriotic,” is a “threat” and “against the interest of 200 million Nigerians”? Which 200 million Nigerians is Shehu talking about? Is he talking about hungry, unemployed, homeless, hopeless, helpless, impoverished, and sick Nigerians? Or is he referring to the one percent privileged Nigerians? 

Shehu, Buhari and their Fulani clans men are the unpatriotic parasite who pose the greatest threat to Nigeria. They are the enemies of Nigeria. Demanding for our right is not a threat. It’s not unpatriotic. It is not against the interest of the masses who demands good governance and basic necessities of life. Of course, pressure is needed to move a cartoonish Buhari from fiction to reality. Fact is, 95 per cent of the 200 million Nigerians believe restructure will install a true and balanced federalism. The rest 5 per cent- the Fulanis - the profiteers of feudal system of Buhari’s ancien regime - are against any form of restructure. 

Bayo Oluwasanmi

Indeed, it was when the Fulanis adamantly rejected restructure that Yoruba and Igbo resort to agitating for their own respective nations. I have bad news for Shehu and his Fulani invaders: It’s too late for restructure. Restructure will not cut it. We are going for the gold - Oduduwa Nation. The entire Fulanis in the world put together cannot stop us. 

Buhari and his Fulani feudal lords want to eat their cakes and have it. They don’t want restructure or anything that will move Nigeria from medieval nation to a modern nation. The need for Oduduwa Nation becomes inevitable in the face of Buhari’s flagrant nepotism, bad governance, oppression, marginalization, and exclusion of southerners from top positions in security agencies, federal civil service, federal corporations, and federal agencies. It’s the injustices and double standard pursued by Buhari that fueled the wave of agitation for separation. 

The agitation for Oduduwa Nation is where the rubber hits the road. To enter the mind of a killer, we must challenge the mind of a mad man. To break-free from the servitude of Fulanis, we must fight the dictatorship of Buhari and his oppressive jihadists. We must pursue our self determination. Buhari’s blind obduracy is embedded in dark tragedy: uneven judgement and a deeply suspicious character verging on delusional. 

Buhari governs Nigeria as if it were an aquarium. As a brutal dictator, he controls the oxygen flow. Yorubas are the fish that are suffocating to death. We have never had a president who passionately relishes producing animosity and hate among ethnic groups. He does it so gleefully and so intentionally. 

He pursues fractious policies. Buhari comforts the comfortable and afflicts the afflicted. He’s energized by nepotism, wickedness, and injustice. He has become Nigeria’s apostle of hate, anger, and deacon of divisiveness. Buhari is a divisive   president for divisive time. His policies and choices are recklessly, dumbfoundingly, and disastrously wrong at all times. 

The will of the people cannot be suppressed forever. Images in rear view mirrors are closer than they appear. Oduduwa Nation will become a reality sooner than later.  

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