It has to be on record that Nigeria held one of the world's largest 'leaderless' protests that could not even be put to rest by people of influence in and outside the country when the government demanded the face of the protesters for negotiation. It is absolutely unbelievable that the lazy youth (in the President's words) could muster temerity to challenge the government over police brutality that has been on for a very long time.

When the government failed to provide jobs, the youth moved into entrepreneurship and a lot agreed to be underemployed. Government failed in its duty to protect lives and properties, the people formed and funded neighbourhood security guards. Government ignored making roads motorable, Nigerians lifted wheels to ignore potholes. When many parents notice a decline in the quality of public education, they enrol their wards in extra classes. We all can boast of an alternative power supply; the government does not believe the masses too need constant electricity. No borehole, no potable water; our people cannot feed well as the minimum wage cannot even buy a bag of rice from the market. Our medical facilities are not in good state enough to take care of animals. Even government officials at every point sneak in and out to get treated outside the country. Despite being an oil-producing country, Nigerian citizens pay a ridiculously high amount to buy fuel, and when we whine, they ask us to make price comparisons with countries where things work for the have and the have-not. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that is working for us as a nation.

Fellow Nigerians, let nobody tell you, that asking for good governance is outrageous as much no politician has felt stealing billions from the governed is too much. It is pleasing we are almost done addressing police brutality, it is equally of importance to ask ourselves how many people fed well to the protest ground. The nefarious, lawless policemen within and outside the defunct FSARS unit have reportedly killed over 50 this year alone, it is not just unfortunate but disturbing. However, hunger has killed more, and it will kill more if we don't address this too as an issue. If it would take us 60 more days to protest to end this misrule of 60 uninterrupted years, we must not be worn-out, it is a fight that must be won.

It may have started to be a fight against police brutality. We must appreciate the honest truth, considering how dysfunctional they have rendered Nigeria, the agitation of End SARS must extend  to capture the fight against poverty, unemployment, fuel hike, electricity instability, poor health care, incessant ASUU strike, pension delay/denial, mortifying minimum wage, corruption, injustice and but not limited to fat salaries for public office occupants. There is a need for us to remain united in this epochal fight to break the shackles of misgovernance which were painted to us as golden bracelets.

I believe if there is any lesson this people's movement has taught us, it is one that tells us that we can send our messages with fears down the spines of our political leaders. We are not just the government, the government is and should be about us. As history is in the making, we must not under-utilize this moment of our existence. Our unity has shown the world our strength, the consciousness and energy have kept us in a position where we are given a plain cheque to pen the amount of money we need to care for our needs, we must end police brutality, but remember we still have other pressing issues at hand to deal with, with a much tougher spirit. Just a little step deeper into managing issues that affect us as a nation, then we can be sure of moving the country to a right path of lucid transformation.

It is not over; until it is over, Nigerians!

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