And so they have done their worst. And their worst was to send the whole gamut of the instrument of war against our people, young men and women, who for the first time in their lives and the history of this country stood for their nation. Their sacrifice and blood will water the tree of Nigeria's liberty. They have not died in vain. For those in pain. Those who have been horrified that this murder of innocent young protesters could happen in a democracy, take heart. The blood of these Martyrs will reach the heavens in search of vengeance. That call will be answered bountifully.

If only the perpetrators understand what they have done and the consequences of this most heinous of actions. If only they understand that they have set off a chain reaction with an import so severe and debilitating to themselves. They will learn a lesson that man in the fullness of his arrogance has refused to learn - that no man or woman controls all the variables of life. The politicians and godfathers who took this action, the military commanders who gave the orders and the soldiers who pulled the triggers that snuffed the lives of these brave martyrs will learn that in this life and in the life to come they all will be held accountable and the consequences of their actions rendered fully.

Tribute to the new Nigerians - the young men and women we had thought lost who have suddenly found their way and mapped out a new direction for their beloved but much abused country.


Tribute to the young men and women who have today 20/10/20 at Lekki, Lagos, paid the ultimate price in service of their country. Their blood will be avenged multiple fold by the workings of the heavenly constellation in conjunction with the human elements.

Shame, shame, shame, to those who dare to call themselves political leaders in this country. All they have done is to continually bring derision and opprobrium to the entire people of Nigeria by their parochialism and kleptocracy. Graft and sleaze have been the hallmark of their 'service to the Fatherland' and their trademark has been the divisions they sow among Nigerians. They are a scourge to our nation.

Their cup will be full sooner than later.

Nigeria and Nigerians! We shall overcome.

Take heart and remain strong.

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