The sister of a woman, who was shot by her police officer boyfriend, has disclosed that her sister's boyfriend had a quarrel over which television channel to watch a few days before the incident.

Helen Ndubuisi said in a statement seen by SaharaReporters that the couple, who were in a relationship, had on October 5, argued over what television channel to watch.

According to her, the altercation led to the end of the relationship.

The officer, Sergeant Eze Aiwansobam, had on October 8, invited the girlfriend for a drink at a bar in Ikeja, according to Ndubuisi. When she left the bar to go home, he followed her out.

Ndubuisi said her sister only noticed she was being followed when she heard the sound of a gun.

"Joy was walking in front and the boyfriend at the back, the next thing she heard was the cock of his gun, and when she looked back, the man shot her and ran away," Ndubuisi said.

"There were some men who tried to run after him, but they could not get him. They decided to come back to Joy to save her instead of running after him."

Ndubuisi said she learned that Eze had been arrested on October 28.

Two days after the encounter, she said "a man who claimed to be a pastor to Sergeant Eze has been calling my sister's phone number asking me to meet him somewhere and collect N100,000, but I asked the pastor to pay the money into an account. He insisted that I should come and collect cash."

Ndubuisi said the investigating police officer also called her sister later and asked her to come and collect the money from the pastor.

She said she had maintained that the money be paid into the account she provided, but the police had not done so.

She said an insider in the police informed her that Eze's family had perfected plans to falsify the story.

"An insider called me yesterday that she wants to let me know the plan. The guy and his family have said that if they ask him, he should tell them that my sister was dragging the gun with him and that he mistakenly shot her."

Ndubuisi, however, said her family has witnesses who are willing to testify that they saw the sergeant take aim, shoot at Joy, before scaling a fence and climbing on to a getaway bike.

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