The Brigadier only succeeded in exposing the governor as a pathological executive liar but he conveniently forgot that the army also lied pari-passu with Governor Sanwo-Olu by denying earlier that soldiers were deployed to Lekki (lie 1).

The army later confessed that soldiers were deployed on the invitation by the governor but that the soldiers deployed didn't shoot (lie 2) and later said they shot into the air only (lie 3). Thereafter they claimed they shot blank bullets only (lie 4) at the crowd of #ENDSARS peaceful protesters.

No army, I repeat, No army will go to a place of action with blank bullets alone without backup live bullets. A place of action where a whole Brigadier himself submitted before the panel that since the police had been overpowered by mob action, the governor had no option than to invite the army.

Adeola Soetan

It's simple logic. Brigadier Taiwo said armed police had been overpowered and many police stations burnt by hoodlums which necessitated the governor to invite the army. And with this kind of situation in mind where armed police had been overpowered, this kind of terrible scenario painted in the minds of the soldiers before deployment, the Brigadier would want us to believe that army would move to such theatre of operation with "sweet, Tom-Tom, biscuit, Coca-Cola, ice cream" and blank bullets only because soldiers are not trained to kill but be killed. Tale like this is good for the marines.

Personally, I will prefer to believe a pregnant woman in the labour room who still claims to be a virgin over this smooth talking Brigadier, who carried the burden of representing an habitual lying military institution. Four tons of lies within a week discredits any person or institution.

A liar in Zaria (attacks on Shittes 2015) would have been a worse and better liar in Lekki because lies grow with age and experience.

Integrity in public office counts a lot.

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