Over 4,000 people have signed a petition for justice as 27-year-old Nigerian, George Nkencho, was shot dead by Irish Police officers outside his home in Dublin on Wednesday, new year eve.

Megan Lacey launched the petition which was directed to the Department of Justice in Ireland.

Nkencho, who reportedly suffered mental illness before his death, was alleged to be carrying a knife and threatening members of the public. He was shot three times on his leg by the officers, local media in Dublin claim.

A statement attached to the petition stated that Nkencho, before his death, suffered from mental illness.

The statement partly read, "12 of the officers followed him home. There were five Garda with guns, and George was carrying a knife. George was known to have a mental illness. The Garda are trained to be able to deal with these situations.  See Also CRIME Outrage As Irish Police Shoot 27-Year-Old Nigerian, George Nkencho Dead In Dublin

"The fatal shooting of George was completely avoidable and unlawful. The Garda were trained to protect our country; they have failed miserably. They need to take responsibility for their actions and the unlawful killing of George. Please help us get the attention of the Department of Justice. We want answers! We want justice for George."

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