A Twitter User, Christianah Aba, has taken to the social media to decry the alleged inhumane treatment meted out to her friend by men of the Nigerian Army.

In her account, Christianah said the young man was on his way to his mother's apartment on Saturday in Sapele, Delta State when he met some soldiers who ordered him out of the car and shaved his dreadlocks in the process.

On her Twitter handle @ChristianahAba1, she wrote, "So my friend was on his way to his mum's apartment yesterday, 2nd of January, 2021, he met Nigerian Army, they asked him to get down of the car, questioned him on why he had dreadlocks on his head, long story short, @HQNigerianArmy beat him and cut off his dreadlocks.

"Only in Nigeria @HQNigerianArmy. Look what your people are doing. What else can we call this if not madness?

"They pulled me over, and flogged the hell outta me with wire simply because I’m a Nigerian o. Omo, when are we going to be free from all this na?"

The development, amid calls for an end to police brutality in Nigeria, has generated public criticism, especially on Twitter with many Nigerians airing their views on the platform.

For instance, Oghene Vwaire (@edoja_john) said, "Is this Warri, Delta state? This is gradually becoming the norm for the newly established joint task force (Operation Delta Hawk). On the 1st, I saw them stopping random boys, searching and ransacking their bags for what I don't know." 

Terzungwe Inja (@terzinja) tweeted, "Thank God they didn't shoot him. This is one evidence that we have a whole lot of other things to end in this country. #EndSARS was just a tip of the iceberg. There seems to be a kind of madness that takes over the average Nigerian once he gets into any position of power." 

Hehizzy (@Hehizzy1) said he has also witnessed something similar. He said, "Yes, the Nigerian army is doing the same thing over here in Sapele, Delta State… They even raid hotels and molest boys with dreadlocks and stylish hairstyles... They are infringing on our rights."

Olawale Ebenzy (@Ebenzy_) said, "Imagine being a law-abiding citizen in your own country and having high blood pressure whenever you see security officials PAID with your taxes to protect you. This is really messed up. Really messed up."

Reacting to the post, TolFam (@Toluene7) said, "This is actually harassment. This can be done to service men because there are rules and regulations about hairstyles and keeping beards but should not be done to a civilian. I wonder why a service man would want to use the same yardstick for a civilian."

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