Bolu Okupe, son to Doyin Okupe, former aide to then President Goodluck Jonathan, has condemned the Nigerian anti-gay law, stating that some of those who signed it were gays themselves.

The anti-gay law was signed by Jonathan in January 2014. The law bans same-sex marriages and relationships in Nigeria and prescribes a 14-year jail term for anyone caught in the act.

Bolu had in a post on his Instagram account revealed that he was gay.

The disclosure didn’t go down well with his father who stated on social media that his son was going through a ‘spiritual challenge.’

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“For me, I look beyond the surface or the physical. Here, I see a major spiritual challenge ahead, but I know as my God liveth, this whole saga will end up in Praise to the Almighty Jehova who I serve day and night,” he had said.

But in a live video session on Monday, Bolu took a swipe at Christians who are quick to point out that homosexuality is a sin.

He said many Christians commit fornication and adultery, but never see that as a sin.
“I am doing great, and I’m fine. I do believe that whether people like it or not, my recent revelation has started the topic of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) or the whole gay topic that needed to be addressed at some point or the other in Nigeria,” he said.
“We can’t keep pretending that gay people are not among us. Being gay is not European or a Western nature, it’s simply human nature.

“Nobody wakes up and chooses to be gay or a lesbian. All these things happen naturally because they are in-born.
“With the whole 14-year law, I bet you for a fact, some people who signed that law are gay themselves. It’s riduculous.

“I really do feel sorry for the women. You women should be fighting more for acceptance because a lot of you guys are married to gay men. I am sorry but your whole lives are fake. Your husbands are living in secrecy and leading double lives. I feel like some of you know and some of you don’t mind because your husband is rich but some of you didn’t know but discovered later, and it’s heartbreaking.”

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